We trust nursing home facilities to care for elderly or disabled family members when we are unable to help at home. If we learn that our loved ones have suffered from abuse or neglect at the hands of nursing home employees, it can feel like a heinous betrayal.

If you suspect staff members are neglecting the needs of a patient in a nursing home or a loved one may be suffering from abusive conduct, it may be wise to talk to a Miami nursing home abuse lawyer. A personal injury lawyer familiar with nursing home neglect and abuse cases could advise you of your options for recourse or compensation.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is not always obvious. Signs of physical abuse might be apparent, such as bruises on arms or legs, but many physical problems can be hidden. Besides, physical damage is only one form of abuse that can occur in Miami nursing homes.

Assisted living facility abuse attorneys have seen many types of mistreatment in elder care facilities. Patients may be subject to financial exploitation, emotional abuse, or neglect by staff leading to physical ailments, malnutrition, depression, and other maladies. Patients who are inadequately supervised may have a greater risk of dangerous falls or be subjected to painful and humiliating forms of restraint.

Signs of Potential Abuse or Neglect in a Nursing Home Patient

Since there are various types of maltreatment possible in Miami elder care facilities, the signs of abuse can vary from one situation to another. Potential causes for concern include:

  • Bedsores
  • Unusual bruises
  • Unexpected withdrawals from bank accounts
  • Nursing home staff refusing to allow family or friends to visit without a staff member present
  • Injuries from falls or other incidents
  • Unplanned changes to financial or legal documents

A Miami nursing home abuse lawyer could investigate to determine the cause of suspicious conditions and determine whether further action may be warranted.
Sudden changes in behavior such as depression, child-like mannerisms, or any significant departure from past demeanor could also be cause for concern. Bruises on the legs of an active senior may be normal for that patient, but the sudden and uncharacteristic appearance of bruises could indicate abuse or neglect.

How a Nursing Home Lawyer Could Help

In addition to determining whether a patient is subject to nursing home abuse or neglect, an attorney could help in many other ways such as negotiating a resolution such as changes in procedure or staff.

If abuse leads to physical or economic harm, a Miami nursing home abuse lawyer could file a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, economic losses, and other effects of the abuse. An attorney could collect evidence to support that claim and preserve evidence to use in settlement negotiations or trial.

Contact an Experienced Miami Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Because of the frail condition of many nursing home residents, it is wise to avoid delay when abuse or neglect are suspected. If you think a loved one may be suffering from mistreatment in a nursing home, consult an experienced Miami nursing home abuse lawyer. A dedicated legal advocate could investigate and protect your loved one from further harm in their age.

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