Pharmaceutical companies release and market hundreds of drugs every year. Drug companies are responsible for manufacturing, testing, packaging, and advertising their products according the confines of the law, but also for providing accurate disclosure of any risks or adverse reactions that accompany the use of the medication.
When you are injured because of a dangerous or defective pharmaceutical drug, an experienced dangerous drugs lawyer could ensure your legal rights are protected by fighting for justice and pursuing the appropriate compensatory damages on your behalf. An attorney could tell you what your case might be worth.

Common Injuries in a Dangerous Drugs Case

A dangerous drug injury could stem from manufacturing issues, labeling deficiencies, and other factors caused by the drug manufacturers and distributors. Injuries commonly associated with dangerous drug cases include:
• Neurological issues or impairment
• Stroke
• Blood clots
• Heart problems
• Psychological disorders
• Cancer
• Death

Establishing Liability in a Dangerous Drugs Case

The first step in pursuing a dangerous pharmaceutical drug lawsuit is identifying the responsible parties. Typically, that party is the drug manufacturer and it could be held liable under the law for injuries when the product sold is unreasonably dangerous or defective. Other possible defendants in a dangerous drugs case could include:
• Medical staff
• Pharmacists
• Hospitals
• Sales representatives
• Safety testing labs
Even if a drug manufacturer was unaware of the dangers their product posed, they may still be responsible under strict liability law. The product may have a design flaw rendering all batches dangerous, a certain batch may be manufactured incorrectly, or the manufacturer could have failed to warn consumers of the possible bad side effects associated with using the product.
Most drugs come with warning labels informing consumers of potential side effects. Manufacturers and distributors may be liable if they advertised the product for off-label use, the product’s side effects were not included on the warning label, or that the warning label was unclear regarding the possible harm to the consumer.

A Drug Manufacturer’s Duty to Warn

Drug manufacturers bear a duty to warn consumers of a drug’s side effects when these effects are known to occur, but they are not expected to provide warning of unknown hazards. Often, the drug manufacturer could release this duty to warn by providing the required information to the pharmacist or patient’s prescribing doctor, but a dangerous drugs lawyer may still be able to recover damages.
Drug manufacturers have an ongoing duty to stay informed about their products and to take all reasonable action to inform medical professionals of any and all possible adverse effects. Even if an adverse reaction is extremely rare, there is still a responsibility to inform the public of those risks.

Filing a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

Victims of a dangerous drug might be eligible to recover compensation from the at-fault party and a lawyer could help them seek compensation for doctor visits, hospital stays, and the additional costs of recovery. The plaintiff could also receive non-economic damages, such as those for loss of society, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. If the individual misses time from work because of their injury or harm received, they might also be entitled to compensation for past and current lost income and any future lost earnings.
Obtain Legal Assistance from a Skilled Dangerous Drugs Attorney
If you or a loved one has been hurt or harmed because of an unreasonably harmful medication, consider reaching out to a dedicated dangerous drugs lawyer. An attorney experienced with product liability cases and lawsuits involving the pharmaceutical industry could help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Call now to start your claim and pursue justice.

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